What is Bioinnovation?

Bioinnovation is the identification, commercialization and dissemination of novel biological technologies, concepts, and models.

Ranging from public health initiatives to the development and deployment of life saving medical technologies, the professional field of bioinnovation is rapidly growing, keeping pace with developments in science and technology. This growth demands professionals capable of managing and developing these technologies and initiatives using a mixture of skills and knowledge pertaining to both business and biology.

What is a Professional Science Master's?

A Professional Science Master's Degree is a unique Master's degree with a dual emphasis on science training and professional development. It is designed specifically to prepare students to move directly from school or another career into a new career.

The Temple PSM in Bioinnovation has been designed for recent graduates and professionals who have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) or Business field (Administration, Entreprenuership, Finance, Marketing).